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Uncompromising Women: Plan International

Uncompromising Women: Plan International

Every girl deserves the opportunity to learn, lead and thrive. This year for International Women’s Day, we wanted to focus on supporting our young, vulnerable females by contributing a portion of our sales to Plan International USA to support their advancement of equality for girls and their ambition of ensuring 10 million girls are safe, educated and economically empowered. 

Our mission at Tata Harper goes beyond beauty, it’s also to make people’s lives better. Our products are made without compromise, for women made without compromise. Plan International USA’s efforts will also empower our future female entrepreneurs around the world and give us the next generation of women that also refuse to compromise. 

We're so inspired by this organization and wanted to learn more. Read on for an interview with Shanna Marzilli, Chief Marketing Officer, to hear all about Plan International USA's empowering mission and view on self-care and wellness. 

Plus, don't forget to shop exclusively at in support of Plan International USA - we're donating 15% of our proceeds now through Monday, March 9th to this incredible organization.*

Q&A With Shanna Marzilli, Chief Marketing Officer, Plan International USA: 

Q: Tell us a bit more about the background of this organization. How was Plan International founded and what was the original mission?

A: Plan International was founded in 1937, when a journalist and a refugee worker decided to assist children affected by the Spanish Civil War. They believed you can hope and want to make a difference, or you can plan to. From there, our mission to promote and protect the rights of children was born.

Plan International

Today, Plan International USA is a girls’ rights organization working to end gender inequality around the world. With the help of our supporters and partners, we have grown into one of the most established, widest-reaching and effective international development organizations in the world.

Q: How has the organization evolved & grown over the years? What are the key issues at the heart of Plan International USA today?

A: For more than 80 years, Plan has taken on some of the world’s most challenging issues. Over the last several years, we began to focus on girls because we know that girls all over the world are denied basic human rights every day. By providing girls with the opportunity to share their voices, obtain an education and find economic opportunity, we can address big problems like trafficking and child marriage. 

We believe that girls’ rights are human rights and that her world is hers to change. That is why we have set out on a bold effort to transform the lives of millions of girls globally. Plan International USA is working to ensure that 10 million girls are safe, educated and economically empowered by 2022.

Q: What were the major milestones of Plan International USA in 2019? Any upcoming projects in 2020?

A: Last year was an exciting year for our organization. We are truly underway with our global strategy to transform the lives of millions of girls, with the number of programs with gender equality at their core continuing to grow. We are very proud that in 2019, Plan International had an impact on the lives of more than 40 million young people. But we also recognize there is more work to be done.

In the year ahead, we are doing more than ever to help transform the lives of girls. This also means transforming our own organization. We firmly believe that girls and young women should tell us what they and their communities need. The best way to identify the challenges that girls and young women face on a daily basis, and to define their visions of success, is to ask the experts: girls themselves. We have exciting programs underway in Nepal, India, Guatemala, Zimbabwe and Senegal, all focused on helping girls achieve their goals. 

Q: Plan International USA does incredible work advancing children’s rights and equality for girls. How do you think creating rituals around self-care and wellness can help in empowering young women around the world? 

We know that self-care and wellness replenish us and make us feel better about ourselves.

When we feel good, we feel capable of doing big things. For too long, young women have been seen as caregivers for others.

When we teach young women self-care, we are telling them that their time, their bodies and their well-being are important.  What is more empowering than knowing that how you feel about yourself matters? Fighting for equality is hard work and we need to take time to refuel!

*15% of all domestic & international sales generated from and from 12AM ET 3/7/20 to 11:59PM ET 3/9/20 will be donated to Plan International USA, up to $10,000.