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Tata Harper X Tomgirl: All About Celery Juice!

Tata Harper X Tomgirl: All About Celery Juice!

Thanksgiving is upon us! While we hope you are eating mostly healthy foods, there are also some things we can do to help re-set our bodies and stay in optimal health during times of such indulgence.

So, what can we do to improve our digestion leading up to this holiday? It starts with something as simple as celery. 

This juice has been buzzing around the office as of late - so we thought now was the perfect time to let you in on our new team favorite. We stopped by our local juice shop, Tomgirl Juice Company, to get the facts (and the juice)!

Q&A With Gabrielle Kammerer, Owner of Tomgirl Juice Company: 

Q: Is celery juice really worth the hype? It's such a simple vegetable! 

A: Oh, celery: something so familiar, something we’ve eaten, snacked on, crunched on since childhood. You wouldn’t think so many amazing, impactful things can happen from a simple stock of celery, but it’s really one of the best things you can do for your health. Pure celery juice has the ability to kill off unwanted bacteria in the gut and when that happens, you free up all kinds of enzymes that gives you the ability to digest more food, enjoy more energy, and reach deeper levels of hydration.

Q: Trendsetters in the wellness community are drinking celery juice first thing in the morning. Why is that? 

A: The numerous health benefits of celery juice are the most impactful when you drink it first thing in the morning on an empty belly. That’s when your body is the most able and willing to absorb the highest amount of nutrients that celery juice provides. 

When enjoyed first thing in the morning it primes you for easy digestion throughout the rest of the day. 

Q: What are some of your other favorite health benefits of pure celery juice? 

A: There’s an amazing natural salt content in celery, and that represents all the minerals that are inside celery. 

Whenever you are craving salt or you feel that you are a person that “craves salty foods” you might just be crazing minerals! 

Another fun fact is that celery juice actually has the ability to promote relaxation. There is something incredibly calming about celery juice and what it is able to do for your body. 

That said, with the craziness of holidays around the corner, drinking celery juice is probably going to come to your rescue as well because it helps to reduce and lower blood pressure and essentially chill you out.


So if you’ve done your research on celery juice like us, you’ll notice there are a lot of big vocabulary words out there describing the amazing benefits of celery juice….but let’s just keep it simple: it’s so good for you!

We hope this helps you set yourself up for success so that you can continue to feel great going into the week and going into the holidays ahead.

Cheers to health & beauty!

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