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Tata Talks Reactive Skin in mindbodygreen Podcast

Tata Talks Reactive Skin in mindbodygreen Podcast

In a podcast episode with Clean Beauty School by mindbodygreen, host and Beauty Director, Alexandra Engler chats with Tata Harper on the future of treating reactive skin with all natural ingredients. In this deep dive of exploring the complex world of stressed, reactive skin, Tata speaks about the ingredients and technology that powers our skincare line, Superkind — starting with the do’s and don’ts of skincare. 

Don't Overdo the Treatments

"I believe that in this new way of consuming beauty, where a lot of us are told to have a beauty routine that it's composed of 30 different hero products from 30 different lines, we're doing some same," Tata says. "Like who's really telling us that we're able to layer all those things together? I think that it's really important to be cognizant of those things. It's wreaking havoc on the barrier in greater ways than ever before."

One problem area that Tata spoke to in particular when overdoing treatments was one we all know and love — exfoliation.

"I think that over-exfoliation is definitely a big thing. I hope that more people would talk about over-moisturizing, then we wouldn't be having this problem," Tata says, noting that exfoliation isn’t the only approach to achieve a radiant complexion. "You can get glowing skin with a lot of moisturization."

Do Listen To Your Skin

“Sometimes we just need to stop. Stop to see what’s happening. Is my skin getting better? Is my skin getting healthier? Do I feel that my skin is getting stronger and more resilient?

Not every trending treatment will work for every skin type, so by listening first to how it’s acting and feeling will help to avoid future reactions and irritation. 

Do Use Resilient, Natural Ingredients for Resilient Skin

To build resilient skin, it only makes sense to source resilient ingredients — which Tata did with Superkind. The result? An Extremophile Endurance Technology powered by natural, plant-derived ingredients.

"These are plants that have adapted over time in nature to withstand all these extreme conditions and through such high stress that they go through," Tata says. "Basically each one develops, like, a superpower. And because of that superpower, they can really help support the skin through modern environments."

The Takeaway

Simple, boring, and synthetic skincare isn’t the only option for reactive skin. By instead treating it with the right natural ingredients featured in Superkind, skin is free to be treated both kindly and powerfully. 

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For the full episode, you can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

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