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Tata Talks: Summer Wind Down

Tata Talks: Summer Wind Down

Summer in Vermont. There’s really nothing quite like it. From weekend swimming hole trips, to camping under the stars, the harsh winter is a distant memory that feels like a lifetime away. This summer on the farm was filled with new adventures and as always, the sweet smell of our Beauty Complex. With Labor Day around the corner, it’s important to stay present while soaking up the last rays of summer sunshine. As summer begins to wind down, I’m looking back on the past few months of sunny weather, barefoot walks and golden hour evenings here in Vermont.  



The warm weather brings the busiest time on our farm. For Doreen and Steph, our head gardeners, this is their high season. We grow our Beauty Complex in the garden which includes calendula, borage, arnica, meadowsweet and alfalfa. This year we also grew roman chamomile, lavender, helichrysum, lemon balm, and echinacea. Last year, the Spring brought a lot of rain, so we unfortunately, weren’t able to grow everything we had hoped. This year, our calendula wouldn’t stop growing! We were so lucky to have an abundance. We also renovated our greenhouse. This is where we dry all of the flowers that go into our Beauty Complex. Once the flowers are dried we macerate them in olive oil. This special blend is a key ingredient in our Tata Harper products.


One of our ‘firsts’ on the farm this summer was our lavender distillation! I have been wanting to do this for forever, and this was the year that we finally could. Our head batchmaster, Jon, is an essential oil genius, so he lead our team through the whole process - from harvesting to distillation. We bought gorgeous copper vats and began the distillation process, starting with harvesting all of the lavender from our own patch. Once we had all of the lavender it was time to add it into our kettles! After about an hour, we had lavender essential oil. It was such an incredible experience and I was so excited to share it with the greatest team. Stay tuned for lavender hydrosols and essential oil.

During our lavender distillation, we also had our summer garden party! All of our employees came down to the garden with their friends and families to celebrate summer and enjoy the beautiful weather. We had plenty of food, fun music and yard games for the kiddos. Everyone also got to relax in our new garden glamping tent. Very chic.



Ask my team, I am never not reading. Whether it’s industry articles online, or a hardcover book, I’m alway eager to digest new information. I’ve recently been into the book Younger: A Breakthrough Program to Reset Your Genes, Reverse Aging, and Turn Back the Clock 10 Years by Sarah Gottfried. She has so much to say about the way hormones affect your body and the fact that what you put in your body truly does reflect in your aging process. Another book I love and always keep on hand in the kitchen is The Moonjuice Cookbook. Amanda Chantal Bacon is one of my dear friends and her recipes are some of the best in the beauty world. Another book that I refer back to is You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment. It’s a lovely book by the very insightful Thich Nhat Hanh. It reminds me to stay present and practice mindfulness in every aspect of my life.



I switch up my self care ritual with the sunny weather. I really enjoy forest bathing, so I take daily walks on the farm into the woods to really clear my mind and help center myself during a busy day. I also try and be barefoot as much as possible. Connecting to the earth in that sense also helps me to feel grounded and supported.

I always take herbal supplements, but I’ve been switching up my routine and adding in some powders. This summer I’ve been taking He Shou Wu from Sun Potion and The Mind by Anima Mundi Herbals. Ho Shou Wu is really great to nourish your endocrine glands and increase immune function, while The Mind blend uses mushrooms to support memory and energize mood. It’s important to boost your immune system even during the summer months! I also still do my bath ritual every night during the summer months.  My perfect bath recipe consists of a dash of magnesium or a pack of Aura Cacia bath salts – Lavender or Camomile are my favorites. I sometimes also add essential oils, depending on my mood and how I am feeling that day. My bath lasts for about 45 minutes because I bathe all 3 of my children during it! I also am really into this DIY hair mask this summer! Check out my recipe here.

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