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tata travels: aspen

tata travels: aspen

Aspen is one of those incredible places that you could constantly go back to, anytime of the year, and always feel the magic that it has to offer. As stunning as Aspen is in the winter months, it is equally as enjoyable and exciting in the summer months. Here are a few lovely places to visit in Aspen.


Tata travels Aspen
Tata travels aspen

Casa Tua

The stunning restaurant where we held our Cos Bar Masterclass. We had a incredible private room upstairs and the waitstaff could not have been nicer or more accommodating. Case Tua has been a long time favorite Aspen spot and our event was so lovely!

casa tua
casa tua

Spring Cafe

Spring Cafe is the cutest cafe in Aspen. The inside is a super minimal and clean design - refreshing against the typical lodge styling of many other places. Their new numeric latte was a perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon! The Highlands Bowl with quinoa was also delicious. The food is always so fresh and tasty.


alderfer antiques
alderfer antiques

Alderfer Antiques

This little antique store is filled with gems. From vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters to fine china and silverware, this place seriously has something for everyone. As with every great antique shop, it takes a little bit of digging, but it’s packed with goodies.

maker and place

Maker + Place

Maker + Place is an awesome new concept store in the heart of Aspen. They combine in house production and luxury products with events and community. Their products are stunning, totally unique and they host frequent workshops that range from wellness and spiritual awareness, to gaining skills for building a business. Michaela, the founder and creative director is wonderful and so passionate - it’s truly refreshing to see.

Pitman County Dry Goods

Pitman County Dry Goods is such a cool shop. They carry a wide variety of designers and have a beautiful selection of unique jewelry. They also have some fun home goods such as great candles and oil perfume.

cos bar

Cos Bar

Cos Bar is the go-to beauty spot in Aspen. We were so excited to see our display in their window! They hosted a wonderful Masterclass with us at Casa Tua. We had so much fun!

The little bird
the little bird

The Little Bird

The cutest consignment store with an incredible selection of clothes, jewelry and shoes. It is hard to not walk out of this store with a new little treasure in hand. Always a great little place to stop by in Aspen.


the little nell

The Little Nell

An incredible mountain lodge getaway. The beautiful hotel is a perfect escape apres-ski or after outdoor adventuring. The thoughtful decoration and stunning atmosphere gives you major ski town vibes.

hotel jerome

Hotel Jerome

Hotel Jerome is one of Aspen’s oldest landmarks and one of the most beautiful as well. The doormen are dressed in plaid shirts with cowboy hats, complete with southern hospitality and all. The inside of the hotel transports you to the 1800s - it seriously feels other-wordly. The hotel is home to Aspen's famous J Bar which attracts many different people for the same social scene.


aspen art museum

Aspen Art Museum

The Aspen Art Museum is a beautiful space that is free to the public. The exhibitions are always wonderful, and it has a delicious cafe on the roof with a stunning view of the mountains. The museum is not too big, so you can do the whole thing in a short amount of time, and it’s also a perfect escape for those unexpected Aspen summer showers.

explore bookstore
explore bookstore

Explore Bookstore

Explore is one of the many places in Aspen that gives it so much character. This little bookstore and cafe is PACKED floor to ceiling with only the best reads. The cute little cafe upstairs makes it a perfect afternoon spot to grab a coffee and a good book. Not to mention, the staircase in the middle of the store, is stunning.

carls pharmacy

Carl’s Pharmacy

Carl’s Pharmacy is one of the places that makes Aspen so unique. The store is stuffed with everything you could ever need. They have all of the things a regular pharmacy has plus unique things that you’ve never seen anywhere! Carl's has literally every knickknack you could imagine and more.

Lather Salon

Lather Salon is incredible. They have stunning art hanging on all walls and the nicest staff. April is the best and does the greatest color and blow dry . Highly recommended salon!

aspen gondola


The gondola ride up Aspen Mountain is simply breathtaking. Highly recommend it for anyone visiting Aspen in the summer months. The view is honestly indescribable. It takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the top of the mountain where the Sundeck Restaurant is located, along with some little field activities for the kiddos. Once you’re up there you can hike or bike your way down if you choose. It’s an amazing experience - one to not be missed!

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