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tata travels: paris

tata travels: paris

Internationally known to be one of the most incredible cities in the world, Paris truly never disappoints. The magic that lives within the Parisian streets is captivating and awe-inspiring. The amount of picture perfect cafes and cool new-age concept stores that live in Paris could take a lifetime to explore, but here are a few of my favorite spots…


Tata le bristol

Le Bristol

Le Bristol Hotel and Spa is an elegant Parisian landmark. We were lucky enough to be there during their infamous Garden Party, giving hand treatments to all the attendees. It was an amazing celebration and we were honored to be there! They had a live saxophone player that the D.J mixed with popular songs, and they had a spread of food that was not to be believed. The turnout was enormous and we had the greatest time working alongside the accommodating staff of Le Bristol. We are so thrilled to be opening our very own spa room there come the fall! Click here for more info!

hotel bachaumont
hotel bachaumont

Hotel Bachaumont

Hotel Bachaumont is a well known hotel nestled in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. The hotel is beautiful and it had a delicious restaurant with the best Creme Brûlée I’ve ever had! The meal, from start to finish was delightful, and the atmosphere was stunning. The ceiling was glass which opened up to window boxes filled with flowers and greenery.

hotel amour
hotel amour

Hotel Amour

The atmosphere is insane! The outside of Hotel Amour is very minimal, with only a big neon sign above spelling out ‘Amour”. You have to walk straight through the lobby to the back of the hotel in order to reach their restaurant which seems like an alternate universe on entry. Everything is covered in green! Hotel Amour has it’s very own greenhouse tucked in the back of their beautiful hotel. Plants cover all walls, ceilings and everything in between. The atmosphere is incredible and I was seated right next to the coy pond which provided a nice added touch of zen. It’s a calming, chic scene and has all the makings of a perfect little sanctuary.

hotel panache

Hotel Panache

Hotel Panache is a beautiful boutique hotel located between the 9th and the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. The interior design of the hotel was perfectly modern, while the staff were so accommodating and helpful. Some of our team stayed here and the room was thoughtfully decorated with a huge window that opened up to the Parisian streets, which was incredibly dreamy. They had a delicious restaurant downstairs that offered dishes made with local ingredients only and the menu changed everyday.

Eat and Drink



A sweet spot, with all of the trimmings that make up a perfectly Parisian cafe. The outdoor seating provides a quaint place to people watch and drink an espresso or cappuccino. The menu consists of all local products and ingredients. They also have a wide variety of gluten free baked goods, and even the mix to take home and make yourself! A huge plus!!

holiday cafe

Holiday Cafe

Holiday Cafe is a cool little cafe that was created by Holiday Magazine. The minimal outdoor design with the gold lettering is captivating and oh-so dreamy. The patterned chairs also make for a perfectly decorated aesthetic. They have stacks of Holiday Magazines for reading with your coffee or drink and a storefront around the corner as well. Holiday Cafe is a Parisian gem!

Maisie cafe
Maisie cafe

Maisie Cafe

Maisie Cafe is a favorite stop on the list. Decorated with our favorite color, green of course, they offered all healthy options and delicious cold pressed juices to give our busy days an extra boost of energy. Their menus are varied by season and they offered gluten free options as well as vegetarian! I ordered the Acai Delight Bowl and the Avocado smoothie which were both delicious. If I lived in Paris, this would definitely be one of my frequented cafes.

wild and the moon
wild and the moon

Wild and the Moon

The best bulletproof coffee in Paris! Also, an amazing Chia Pudding Bowl. I didn’t order the matcha latte, but they were preparing it for someone else and it looked to die for. It was a stunning green color, with a sprinkle of dark green matcha powder artfully dusted across the top. All of their food is prepared without processing, is unpasteurized and plant based. The cafe was covered in potted plants and ferns, and the back room had a full ceiling of skylights which acted as a greenhouse. I would definitely go back – for the atmosphere and to try their matcha!

boot cafe
boot cafe

Boot Cafe

Possibly the smallest cafe in Paris, but with huge character! The outside is absolutely adorable and typically French. The cappuccino was one of the best I had in Paris and the decor of cool art mixed with small plants lining the walls was cozy and chic.



LouLou is one of those restaurants that you can sit down at and easily lose track of time. Between the stunning atmosphere and the incredible food, it is a hard not to get lost day dreaming at their perfectly set white tables. Nestled in the Jardin des Tuileries, the 360 outdoor view is not to be compared. The vivid green grass and carefully manicured trees, mixed with a view of the Louvre on one side and the Eiffel Tower on the other, feels like you are genuinely sitting in the heart of Paris. I had the Fennel and Avocado salad and it was so delicious, I could have easily ordered a second. This dreamy Parisian restaurant is always high on my must go list!

le train bleu

Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu is a Parisian dream. Located in the heart of the Gare De Lyon train station, it is an unexpected and drop dead gorgeous restaurant that attracts tourist travelers and native Parisians alike. The entire ceiling and walls are covered in murals lined with gold. The minute you walk through the doors you are instantly brought into a different world. The staff was exceptional and the food was mouthwatering. The atmosphere is magical and whether you are traveling through the train station, or not, you definitely need to make your way here for dinner.

cafe de flore

Cafe De Flore

One of the most popular cafes in Paris, and definitely one of the most delicious as well. With the birth of Cafe De Flore in 1887, it has been a Parisian staple for decades. It is constantly full of people there for drinks and dishes of all kinds. There was a band playing live music in the street when we arrived – it seemed like a scene right out of a Parisian film.



Season Cafe is a Parisian staple. Whenever I talked to someone about cafes in Paris, they asked if I had been to Season. It had such a cool vibe and the nicest staff. Not to mention, they have a more Americanized menu so ordering something healthy here is easy to do! I had the Matcha bowl along with a freshly pressed juice. The Matcha bowl was stunning in presentation and even better tasting. What I love about this restaurant is that they rotate the menu out every 3 months to reflect the season and which produce they can get fresh.




Colette is an incredible concept store located in the center of Paris. Their 700 square meter space ( about 7,500 square feet ) has everything you can imagine and much more. The moment you walk through the door you are instantly welcomed into the futuristic and imaginative world of Colette. The store is so perfectly curated and every item is more captivating than the next. They sell everything from clothing to beauty to art. Colette brings you into their own little world on entry and it is unlike any other retail space. The concept store was created to push the boundaries of modern retail and challenge the norm. The Colette spirit in their words is: “an inimitable mix and match, modeled after its customers, and bringing people together.”



Paris is one of the greatest cities because of it’s balance and artfully cultivated mix of the old vs the new. Merci is a perfect example of this Parisian mix. The modern retail space combines home goods, fashion and souvenirs giving truth to the phrase “something for everyone.” The souvenirs are unique, combining functionality with design – something from here would be very special to bring home to a loved one. The clothing is stunning – from mainstream designers, to smaller up and coming brands – they have linen dresses and summer garb mixed with sweatshirts that have cheeky sayings on the front. Again, the perfect balance. The home section is located on the second floor and has the layout of what I cold only imagine as being a dream home. Clean lines and color coordinated displays make for stunning aesthetics. Another reason to love this shop, is that the proceeds from Merci go towards funding for development and educational projects in south-west Madagascar. The way Merci balances their modern, minimal concept store, is with their Parisian roots etched into their connecting cafe. The cafe has a totally different vibe, and still incredibly wonderful. The walls are filled (floor to ceiling) with old books. The tables are placed thoughtfully next to the book cases so in-between your sips of coffee, you can grab some reading material. It was truly a wonderful experience and shows how well Parisians do style, aesthetics and balance.



Sézane is another stunning retail space in Paris. It would be a tragedy to call Sézane only a retail space though because it is truly so much more. Sézane is broken down into 3 spaces: L’Appartement, La Librairie, and La Conciergerie. L’ Appartement is the lifestyle space – clothing, shoes, accessories and lifestyle pieces. All perfectly merchandised with a very homey feel. The back room even has 2 arm chairs and a coffee table like a living room! La Librairie is a smaller storefront next door that has a coffee shop inside along with highlighting their favorite books and bags.  The 3 tables perfectly toped with flowers in a watering can make it easy place to sit for hours and read the many fashion, design and Parisian books they have at La Librairie. The 3rd space they have is La Conciergerie, which is it’s own location where you can pick up your online order. Sézane was the first French brand to start exclusively online, so their ecommerce site drives a lot of their orders! The best news for us Americans? They are opening a storefront in NYC this fall! Stay tuned for the opening date and make your way there asap – you will not regret it!

le bon marche
le bon marche

Le Bon Marche

Le Bon Marche is one of the most famous department stores in Paris. It was in fact the first ever modern department store. It is a beautiful building that encompasses intricate Parisian design with modern details. Tata Harper Skincare is sold in Le Bon Marche so it was such an awesome experience seeing all of our products on display in such an world renowned location! I could spend hours in Le Bon Marche so I always allot enough time to spend there for people watching and shopping. The famous Rose Bakery is also in Le Bon Marche, which is perfect because shopping often calls for a coffee or pick-me-up snack! Huge sales are going on in Paris right now as well, so let’s just say our time was well spent at Le Bon Marche.



Odetta is a little Parisian secret. It has one of the greatest selections of vintage clothing from all different decades and the highest end designers. It is a small shop,  but it’s quality vs. quantity at Odetta! They mix new pieces with vintage designer pieces and their selection is incomparable. They had a great selection of scarves, bags, and shoes, in addition to their amazing clothing.

Shakespeare and company

Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare & Company is one of those hole in the walls that is a hidden treasure. This little bookstore has walls and walls of interesting reading material and almost any book you can imagine. During the day it is packed with avid readers scaling the shelves for a piece of Paris to pack away in their suitcase. It is an important stop before heading next door (they have a cafe as well) for a coffee to go with your new book.


le tigre
Le tigre

Le Tigre Yoga

Le Tigre Yoga is a zen oasis tucked behind a beautiful garden. The layout inside is very welcoming and tranquil. They have many class options that take place at all different times throughout the day. They have a little juice bar set up with a retro orange fridge. They also have a huge selection of wellness books for sale. Le Tigre Yoga has an amazing selection of workout clothes for sale on display as well. It’s always fun to shop after working out! I wish Le Tigre could be my local studio here in VT.

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