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Tata Travels: Paris & Barranquilla

Tata Travels: Paris & Barranquilla

From events to family vacations, for me summertime means non-stop traveling. Finding a work-life balance can be tough when you’re always in motion, but I've just about perfected this art. 

 I've complied some of my favorite summertime destinations and my go-to spots while I'm there! 


Paris in the summertime - there’s nothing quite like it. I love strolling the city, finding hidden gems and new inspiration. Few cities come close to the city of lights. 

My favorite way to start the day is sipping tea at the garden restaurant at Hotel Le Bristol. It’s the perfect way to savor a slow morning and soak in French culture steeped in both old-time charm and modern luxury. Don't forget to order the Japanese breakfast set - it's heaven (and healthy too)! Plus, the people watching is kind of amazing here..! 

Next, I always find my way to Hotel Le Bristol’s spa for one of my signature facials. After a full day of traveling between cities, my skin was definitely in need of some detox.


The spa menu offers a variety of Tata facials, and the incredible estheticians always work to customize each treatment. I opted for the detox facial using our Purifying Cleanser & Mask. It’s like a juice cleanse for your skin, and just what I needed to feel totally refreshed and my skin back in balance. 

Our spa was designed by the incredible Parisian architectural duo Yann Le Coadic and Alessandro Scotto. It was made to look like a French boudoir while feeling like our own little piece of Vermont in Paris.

  1. Purifying Cleanser
    Purifying Cleanser

    Pore Detox Cleanser

  1. Purifying Label
    Purifying Mask

    Pore & Blackhead Detox Mask


The icing on top of an already fabulous trip? It was great going to Couture to see friends and new designers - this city inspires me so much. The shows, the energy, and the swoon-worthy looks…it was all so beautiful. I love seeing where the industry is going, and how sustainability is starting to take its stand in the fashion world.


Plus, we’ve got you covered with our best ways to relax & rejuvenate after a busy day of work and play. Our friend, Derek Blasberg, checked in for his “Couture Fatigue” facial at Le Bristol. My tip? Boosted Contouring Eye Mask is my go-to for late nights and travel. It’s a rich hydrating balm thats perfect for restoring radiance when tired eyes need a little extra TLC. 

Next up in my summer travels...


It's always so, so special to visit my hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia - right there in the Caribbean coast. Whenever I go back to visit my family the best memories while growing up come to me. From the river to the sea, the nonstop dancing and the smiles, this city gave me my tropical heart. 


I love starting the day with a stroll through the local fruit shops to have a fresh juice, soak in the sun and breathe some fresh sea air. Barranquilla is such a happy, welcoming city covered in vibrant colors and patterns. 

Next up? A cappuccino & treat at La Ganache is always a must. Then heading to the beach! Colombia has the most beautiful, serene beaches. My favorite is spending a lazy afternoon reading at Kilimanjoro, Hotel Pradomar Beach Club. Delicious fresh and local seafood is served, there's always great music playing - and sometimes even live venues, palm trees swaying, and coconut water bonanza. 

  1. Hydrating Floral Essence
    Hydrating Floral Essence - 125 ML

    Hyaluronic Acid Face Mist

  1. Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer
    Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer

    Your Weightless Gel Water Moisturizer

  1. Hydrating Floral Mask
    Hydrating Floral Mask

    Multi-Hyaluronic Acid Redness Reducing Mask


With the intensity of the sun and humidity, I always make sure to prep my skin for the day: this includes using our lightweight summer essential, Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer, and keeping a spritz of Hydrating Floral Essence with me throughout the day. 


For the best way to end the day, I recommend getting dinner at Mía, it's the best Italian Restaurant in town. There's always a fun crowd and great vibes. 

Of course, after a day filled with sun, my night time travel ritual always includes a thick application of Hydrating Floral Mask to soothe any post-sun redness and help with inflammation. It's the perfect cooling treat to end the day. 

What Are Your Favorite Places in Paris & Barranquilla? 

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