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Tata X KIN Euphorics: The Perfect Summer Cocktail

Tata X KIN Euphorics: The Perfect Summer Cocktail

As our Perfect Summer Series continues, we think it’s high time to raise a glass to the longest days of the year. So, today we’re sharing two cocktail recipes: one to quench your thirst, and one to quench your skin!

As the temperature rises, sun exposure, humidity, salt water, and sweat can begin to take a toll. With all of these external factors, the last thing we need is a heavy cream weighing down our skin — lightweight hydration becomes more crucial than ever.

That’s why we’ve formulated a multi-hyaluronic “skin cocktail” just in time for the summer days ahead! Featuring our Hydrating Floral product family, this cocktail has been custom designed to maximize the benefits of each product and deeply hydrate your skin on even the muggiest of days.

Skin Hydrating

Step 1:

One Layer of Hydrating Floral Mask

Apply a generous layer of our Hydrating Floral Mask to freshly cleansed skin. This hyper-hydrating mask contains 1,000 sizes of hyaluronic acid which work to recharge dry skin, replenish lost moisture, and deliver thirst-quenching hydration — all in one go!

Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes (feel free to lounge by the pool or sip a glass of something cool while you wait!).

Step 2: 

3-5 Mists of Hydrating Floral Essence 

Instead of rinsing off the mask with water, use our Hydrating Floral Essence to further moisturize and plump skin with additional hyaluronic acid and natural humectants. Mist the essence directly on top of the Hydrating Floral Mask (3-5 sprays should do the trick) and massage into the mask to create a milky texture on your skin.

Then, instead of removing the mask completely, pat it dry with a clean towel, allowing the two products to penetrate skin for deep hydration all day long.

Step 3:

Top it Off with Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer

Finally, garnish your hydrating skin cocktail with our brand new Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer. This lightweight moisturizer has been engineered to drench skin in intense hydration with our new Gel Water Technology, powered by Chia Seed Water, Marsh Samphire, and Tremella Mushroom, to replenish and restore moisture levels weightlessly. 


In addition to staying hydrated this summer, we're also all about finding bliss (not booze). Here at Team Tata, we’re currently loving Kin Euphorics, so we joined forces to concoct the perfect summer 'cocktail'! This recipe is complete with skin-quenching ingredients, mood-boosting adaptogens, and replenishing botanicals to keep you hydrated and blissful all season long.


All About KIN Euphorics 

Kin Euphorics are created from balancing adaptogens, replenishing nootropics, and nourishing botanicals. Our signature High Rhode blend is made to calm the body’s response to stress and stimulate the brain’s neurotransmitters for bliss you can feel.

Glow From the Inside, Out 

The ingredients in High Rhode help balance the body's response to stress and refill our pleasure tank for a blissful night ahead. Translate that to feelings and you get a lifted mood, calm body, and renewed focus. What could be better for our skin than balance from the inside out?

Along with Kin’s High Rhode blend, this Euphoric is also filled with skin-nourishing ingredients like lavender, coconut, and beets. Beets contain powerful antioxidants, carotenoids, and Vitamin C, while coconut is a natural emollient to help soften and smooth skin.  Lavender and lemon are also key ingredients to help brighten and even your skin tone from the inside out.

Get the Custom Tata x KIN Euphorics Recipe: 


  • 2 oz Kin High Rhode

  • ½ oz beet juice

  • Spoonful of lavender honey syrup

  • Lavender lemon balm bitters

  • ½ oz lemon juice

  • ½ oz coconut water

  • Lavender

  • Lemon

  • Club soda

To Make:

Add ice to a shaker. Pour in Kin High Rhode, beet juice, lavender honey syrup, bitters, lemon juice, and coconut water. Shake for 30 seconds to awaken euphorics and pour into an oversized wine glass on the rocks. Top with club soda and garnish with a lavender sprig and lemon wheel — if you're so inclined!

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