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Your New Self-Love Ritual: Gua Sha

Your New Self-Love Ritual: Gua Sha

Meet the facial massage tool that depuffs, lifts, firms, brightens the skin...and just feels so good! No wonder the beauty world's obsessed. 

As a body and face worker, Sandra Lanshin Chiu, founder of Treatment By Lanshin, created a tool that would put the most effective shapes and edges all together into one high-quality, luxurious piece. We were so impressed by Sandra's story and the Lanshin Intro Gua Sha Tool that we couldn't wait to partner with this incredible brand and share with you all the benefits. 

So, we're showing our LOVE to YOU this Valentine's Day by gifting you a Rose Quartz Lanshin Gua Sha Tool with all purchases over $175. Use code: SELFLOVE to discover this beautiful ritual for yourself. 

This is the gold standard in Gua us, we've tried them all! 

The Self-Love Ritual: 

More than just a beauty ritual, Facial Gua Sha is an incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating personal ritual that many find feels like a meditation. It's incredible skin and health benefits include releasing tight muscles and fascia, invigorating circulation, and improving a lifted, more contoured look of facial features. As Sandra explains of her tool, 

We designed and developed the Lanshin Gua Sha Tool from our expertise awakening skin health as a pathway to beauty and radiance. 

This magical little tool even helps with with acneic or congested skin and assists in opening congestion issues liked blocked sinus and headache. 

gua sha

Images by Debora Francis 

Awaken Your Heart Chakra:   

Known as the stone of unconditional love, this Rose Quartz edition of the Lanshin Gua Sha tool is perfect for your practice of skin love and skin health during the season of Valentine. 

Hand-crafted from true natural stone, the beautiful pink tones and crystal structure touch our heart in a way that inspires unconditional lovingness for self and others. As lovingness is the most powerful energy on Earth, we can't think of a better way to use this beautiful tool together with a luxurious skincare regimen to uplift skin health as well as your entire being.

Show Me How To Use It:    

This intro tool works with a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your tool. Watch it here: 

Meet the Founder:

Q+A with Sandra Lanshin Chiu, LAC   

Sandra has been using Facial Gua Sha in her holistic facial practive for over a decade, helping clients relieve nearly every skin condition from acne, rosacea, dermatitis and eczema. 

As one of our feature Uncompromising Women, we reached out to Sandra to learn more about her holistic skincare rituals and the inspiration behind the Lanshin Gua Sha tool. Read on for our Q+A: 


Image by Debora Francis 

Q: What’s your hyphenated title?

A: Acupuncturist - Chinese Herbalist - Skin Health Expert

Q: What is a key part of your daily wellness ritual (either morning or night)?

A: My hydration game. In the morning I wake up to a tall glass of water with lime or lemon and a pinch of sea salt. This makes me feel immediately energized and more awake. Throughout the day I will eat a piece of fruit with a cup of water together (that together part is important). In the afternoon I always drink a large chia beverage where I soak chia seeds in a juice, kombucha or or nutmilk. At night I relax with an herbal tea - lately I’ve been making my own with orange peel and mint - for happy digestion.  

Q: How much time do you spend in the bathroom getting ready in the morning versus at night?

A: Probably a bit more at night, when I’m not time pressured to get out the door I take my precious time. Here’s my night routine, I’m very specific and the steps are very deliberate:

First I use an oil cleanser on face and neck. Then, I do some gua sha while it’s on. I usually don’t wear make-up, but if I did I would have removed that first. I use a hot wet towel to remove, and follow with a second cleanse.

Then, I get ready for the shower. But before stepping in, I’ll apply a balm cleanser to my body (dry, just like I would on my face).

I’ve been using facial balm cleansers because I get so many to test and try. If I’m not in love with one for my face, then I’ll use it on my body instead of throwing it out and wasting. It’s amazing for my skin in the Winter - really helps me maintain moisture.

1-3x week I apply a gentle acid exfoliator to my face once the balm is on.  Finally, I step into the steamy shower - which keeps the mask nice and moist. Then I scrub the body balm around and massage my skin all over - the balms I use tend to emulsify with water so I just keep rubbing and massaging until it transforms into a cream that feels more like a body wash.

Then, my favorite part - stepping out of the shower and observing my face looking bright and clarified. And feeling my skin soft from not using soap. While my body is still damp I work in body oil. Facially, I use a hydrator, then serum, followed by a few drops of oil.

And for dessert - a bit of gua sha to penetrate and circulate my skin and assist hydration from the inside.

Q: What’s your most important beauty secret and who did you learn it from?

A: My most important beauty secrets are definitely not secrets because I share them with everyone. Without question the Chinese tools of Gua Sha, Cupping, and for me since I’m an acupuncturist - needling, are all ways that powerfully invigorate the health and circulation within us. And in my work and life, that is actually the key to beauty. 

I will also say that another “secret” is that beauty does not begin or end on your face. It starts much deeper - in your body. So it’s important to keep working tension out of your body - keeping it strong and supple. And, it’s important to address internal issues if you have them: digestion and elimination problems, menstrual irregularities, sleep disturbance. Healthy internal systems in good working order are the deeper roots of beauty that no serum will satisfy.

Better Together: 

Gua Sha needs a well-oiled face to work best. Use this tool with one of our luxurious face oils to create a daily ritual for beautiful skin at home. 

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