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Team Tata Tries: Aura Readings

Team Tata Tries: Aura Readings

Team Tata ventures out to our farm in Vermont at least once a week for team meetings. This week we were a little more excited, knowing the agenda had something far more interesting than product concepts and launch dates. This week, we were getting our auras read! In an effort to better understand ourselves and our teammates, each of us had our auras read and explained to us.

We recruited the best person for the job! Ramona. A Vermont native and aura photographer specialist for over 20 years. She set up shop with a unique Polaroid camera to snap photos of each of us and watch our energy come to life. Once the portraits are developed, they are able to show a glimpse of the energy that surrounds us daily. How does it work? We wondered the same thing, so she broke it down for us. Before she takes your photo, you place your hands on two silver sensors that sit on your lap while a charge of energy is sent through the body. Then, Ramona uses a double exposure lense to first take a picture of the individual, and then their aura.

“We live surrounded by color. Yet few see or can imagine the colors that are visible in your aura which is the energy field surrounding your physical body. Now, by having your photo taken, you can visibly see your personal colors on film.” - Ramona Nault of Aura Photos VT.

In addition to simply photographing auras, Ramona is currently exploring color healing and all it has to offer - which gave us an idea. What if we were able to see the real energy benefits of some of our favorite products? Would we see a difference in a person’s energy before and after use? We had to find out.

Before and After: Aromatic Treatments

Our Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Derek, and Senior Designer, Ren took to the test to see if their Aromatic Treatments made lasting impressions to their sense of being. Derek went for the Energy Treatment, while Ren tried the Irritability Treatment. As you can see, there were some definite changes.



“In the After photo, some of the differences that show up are darker oranges, and to me, the deeper the color the stronger the trait,” Ramona tell us. “This is showing even more creativity than before. However, the most striking difference is the deeper red on his physical right and left. So, the Energy Treatment roll-on certainly did bring in more energy - red is the action color and can indicate kind of a go, go, go energy. It's interesting to see that it shifted the way others see him as much more of an authority figure. And, this is just after a few minutes of applying the roll-on! What might have happened if we had waited a bit longer for it to integrate?!” - Ramona.



“The after photo show such a huge difference after using the Irritability Treatment. Nothing was wrong with the colors in that first photo, that's for sure, but the after photo really shows the ability of the Irritability Treatment to make a difference for someone,” she says. “Now there's a very deep shade of blue coming in - this shows strengthened intuitive ability and expansion of his open-mindedness. Overhead is the most amazing change, I'd say. He's now showing the complementary color of blues overhead, along with pink. So it's likely that at least for a while after the application he'd be drawing more on intuitive and analytical skills and inadvertently spreading a calming energy wherever he goes, The pink shows he may be coming from a more unconditional loving space, which usually shows as someone strives to be non-judgemental and unbiased. Throat and heart areas show deepened colors, so stronger energy than before, but mostly the same meanings, although it appears the heart area is more red, not just orange, which means he may find himself feeling more passionate about things, therefore having more of a manifesting ability, more ability to make things happen.” - Ramona

Before and After: Beautifying Face Oil

Lastly, our Content and Community Manager, Emily looked to see if she would experience any differences after using one of our luxuriously lightweight, fast-absorbing face oils, the Beautifying Face Oil.



“No tremendous changes in the after photo, but the most obvious thing is that green is now also on the side energy comes in through the body,” Ramona says. “This means the products seems to be bringing in healing and growth for her in a very earthy and natural way. The orange that was there before has now lightened up, indicating stimulated thinking processes, as well as feelings of joy. Overhead, the gold has deepened into orange, so with that stimulated thinking coming in, it seems to have encouraged her creative abilities as well. I think what I like the most about this after photo is that the product really seemed to bring in a sense of healing for her.” - Ramona


“It was a little spooky to see how our auras were all lit up at first,” Ren says. “However, it’s pretty incredible to see the real effect products can have on us.” It’s true, everything we consume has a real result. The proof is in the picture!

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