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Team Tata Tries: BALNEA Spa Thermal Experience

Team Tata Tries: BALNEA Spa Thermal Experience

In our latest edition of Team Tata tries, a few of us escaped to the vast spa domain of Quebec to indulge in an incredibly restorative day trip of rest and revitalization. Located just an hour outside of Montreal, this was the perfect little getaway from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. 

An endless winding road set amongst the forest led us to a breathtaking clearing overlooking a lake, revealing a sleek spa venue glistening under the soft, warm rays of early spring. BALNEA is a special place, and we were about to find out for ourselves. 

BALNEA, spa + réserve thermale, offers a total immersion for replenishing physical and mental health in symbiosis with the surrounding nature. From state-of-the-art massages and spa treatments from all over the world, to yoga on the shores of the lake, and farm-to-plate dining, it’s no wonder this hidden gem is a wanderlust destination for so many savvy spa travelers. 

One of the best parts? BALNEA is famous for its thermal ritual - something we couldn’t wait to try for ourselves! Influenced by the thousand-year-old traditions from Scandinavia, this luxurious thermal experience reinvents the hot-cold-rest ritual to rejuvenate and awaken our senses. 


Treatments focusing on extremes of temperature have existed since ancient times and their countless health & beauty benefits are well documented. Saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs or baths each harness the health benefits of sweating, such as the removal of toxins, the alleviation of aches and pains, and a boost to the immune system. 

Both wet and dry forms of heat therapy have incredible benefits - and while at BALNEA we eagerly took advantage of both. The saunas (complete with stunning panoramic views) increase heart rate and blood flow. The hot tubs work to relax muscles and stimulate blood circulations, and the Turkish baths (a personal fave!) offer a steamy humidity and aromatherapy benefits for deep healing. 

At Tata, we’re always looking for ways to improve our inner and outer glow. As the skin is our most important organ for eliminating toxins, the saunas at BALNEA were our favorite way to relax our mind and body, while sweating our way to optimal skin luminosity and health. 

Of course, we brought along our own Aromatic Stress Treatment to heighten our senses, melt away any tension, and elevate the restorative nature of this heat therapy. 




Next up, after the “hot” period comes a short immersion into the cold. The health benefits of exposing your body to cold temperatures for short periods of time, also known as cryotherapy, are remarkable and becoming more well known. 

The grounds at BALNEA are dotted with cold water basins, offering an easy way to instantly dip your self in ice cold water following your steam. This instant, energizing submersion into the cold works to firm the pores that had been opened by the heat, while toning the body and activating the nervous system to improve blood circulation. 

We loved the signature BALNEA waterfall for our short immersion into the cold. These few seconds of boldness allow a total sense of renewed vitality! 


Ahh, and now for our favorite part - some much needed R&R. Moments of rest are an essential part of the thermal experience that allows your body to recuperate in order to absorb all the benefits and rebalance your central nervous system. 

Fifteen minutes of resting is essential to relax the body in a quiet, soothing, and calming setting. Our R&R essentials? Hydrating Floral Essence to keep your face soft and moisturized despite the temperature fluctuations, Be True to keep your lips supple, and a good read (we’re currently loving The Alchemist). 

Throughout your day, the thermal ritual of hot-cold-rest must be repeated three times in order to maximize benefits. 


The #BalneaEffect

By the time we left BALNEA, it was apparent just how calm, serene, and peaceful we felt. Topped off with an incredibly restorative massage, this thermal experience worked its wonders to replenish our bodies and soul. 

Taking this time for self-love, we’re reminded of the importance of slowing down, pausing and giving time to connect with yourself in the healing power of nature. BALNEA, we’ll be back! 

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