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Team Tata Work From Home Series: March Issue

Team Tata Work From Home Series: March Issue

Around the world, we are adjusting to a new normal. Here at Team Tata, many of us are working from home and finding new ways to practice wellness and self-care during this time. We asked our digital team what they’re doing to stay healthy and balanced at home — read on for all of their tips!

Carolina B.

I love masking and exercising, so in the mornings I like to put on my Resurfacing Mask and jump rope or explore some online classes, lately, I've been combining dance, cardio, and barre. Then when I finish my routine– I take a shower, remove my mask and so the day begins!

I love watching the sunset, #opacarophile, so when the day is about to end I walk across the garden and take a look at the waves, ocean, and the colors of the sky that change slowly, this scene makes me feel at ease. I´ve been time lapsing different days for my collection of sunset sessions.

Before going to sleep, I´ve been doing some Gua-sha with the Beautifying Face Oil to finish my beauty routine. This tool is amazing, gives my skin so much love!

Alex B.

I have been keeping hydrated! Drinking enough water (and tea!) is so important to keeping our immune systems healthy. Luckily, while at home I have full access to my assortment of loose teas and immune boosters. My go-to’s have been sipping on nettle and echinacea tea with local Vermont honey throughout the day.  

I have been winding down my days with a nourishing self-massage using our Revitalizing Body Oil...followed by meditation or reading in bed. It is also so important to recognize how stress & lack of sleep can weaken the immune system, so I am making sure to prioritize this much needed “me-time”.  

I’ve been enjoying the peaking spring blooms - and trying out my green thumb! Luckily I have a few extra Tata Harper green bottles around the house for the perfect floral displays. Most importantly, I’ve been staying positive! My go-to gal, my golden doodle Luna, has been the perfect stand-in co-worker. 


I have been sure to make my own serum cocktail before bed by mixing Concentrated Brightening Serum, Boosted Contouring Serum, and Elixir Vitae both morning and night. I have also been masking more often during conference calls (sans video), my favorites are Hydrating Floral Mask and Clarifying Mask

I, like Alex B, have also been prioritizing hydration by adding in Charcoal water and lots of tea (this makes water more enjoyable). I have been ending my days with a long hot ginger bath for improved circulation.


I’m much more aware of what I am eating to fuel my body– I’ve included healthier additions to my smoothies to boost overall immune health, and also added in zinc and elderberry to my daily supplements (they may help boost the immune system, so why not!?) Like the rest of the team, I am making sure I drink a ton of water… I always have my mason at my side. 

I have outfitted my dining room to a comfy workspace, complete with flowers to brighten the mood; plus I get to have my dog, Benny, literally by my side. Win-win. I have been intentionally monitoring my intake of news. The first 3 days really threw me for a loop. Tonight I am planning to do some grounding exercises and want to incorporate that work daily. 

Lastly, I am making time to digitally connect with friends! Last night we had a zoom meeting happy hour, and then played this fun game called quiplash (it was hilarious). Tonight I have a Netflix party with more friends (using an app to let you watch TV in real-time with your friends).

Alex A.

I’ve been keeping the windows open for fresh air — and our Hydrating Floral Essence within reach at all times! I've also been taking time to enjoy the little things and surround myself with hygge experiences, like mailing a pretty gift to my mother and baking gluten-free banana chocolate cookies.


I am making sure I still move my body every day through exercise. Since I can’t go to the gym, I am streaming online fitness classes. A lot of gyms are offering this option for free, or for donations– so they can continue to support their staff while they are out of work. I like to put my Hydrating Floral Essence in the fridge before I workout so I can refresh with it at the end of my sweat session! 

I have been making sure I take a break to prepare lunch and sit down away from my computer to enjoy it. It gives me a nice break from screentime and I always enjoy my meals more when they are the only thing I am focusing on. I’ve been loving smoothie bowls and veggie sandwiches lately!

I am also taking time to cook a healthy dinner every night, for me cooking helps to reduce my anxiety and sitting down to a nice meal is always a source of comfort (last night it was Alison Roman’s Spiced Chickpea Stew with Coconut and Turmeric)! For a bonus, cook the same meal as a friend while you chat via FaceTime so it’s like you’re having dinner together while still social distancing!


When the work from home implementation began, I left Vermont to head back to my parent’s house. With three little sisters all being sent home from college, I knew I would feel the best spending this time with my family. I have been prioritizing quality time with them including long walks with my sisters. Lastly, I am finally getting that full 8-hours of sleep I always talk about!


I have been taking work breaks to take my dog for walks at least 3x a day. I also make sure to take a break from the news to do things that make me happy and help me stay positive. I’ve been calling family & friends daily, reading positive books, and playing silly board games!

Tata harper Skincare dog

Carolina H.

Working from home is all about focus and energy! I like that Clarifying Cleanser is not only right for my skin but the scent just gives me an extra jolt of energy in the morning. I cleanse while I wait for my french press to finish brewing my cup of coffee and then mug in hand my mind knows it is work time.

I like to take meaningful breaks when I come out of work-mode: spend time with family, group chat with my friends as if we were all sitting in a restaurant, and pursue the never-ending quest for quality REM sleep.

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