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The Art of Good Living

The Art of Good Living

We kicked off the New Year with a restorative getaway at Belmond Charleston Place, alongside Scandinavian wellness muse, Silja Danielsen.

Haven’t met Silja? Whether she’s traveling the globe as a model or developing healthy recipes for her lifestyle blog, Silja is the ultimate wellness babe. Inspired by her Nordic roots, Silja’s approach to living is simple: declutter your life with fewer things, yet higher quality.

And we couldn’t agree more. Our Charleston escape was the perfect way to jumpstart new healthy habits for 2019. Plus, we got the chance to explore a beautiful, historic city rich in romance and Southern charm. Read on for Silja’s featured post highlighting her favorite wellness moments throughout our Charleston getaway.

Silja Danielsen Silja Danielsen

Becoming healthy is the most common New Year’s Resolution - for a good reason!! It is one of the core resolutions which all other goals and lifestyle aspirations depend on throughout the year. Without vibrant health and wellness, how can we really begin to enjoy life to its fullest?


I look at a New Year like a new canvas - a motivation to start new habits that become a healthy lifestyle change. And this trip to Charleston trip couldn’t have been better timed.

The Hotel 

Staying at Belmond Charleston Place was the perfect setting to reset and ring in the New Year on a healthy, mindful note. Stepping in through the doors of Belmond Charleston Place felt like a fresh start. Each moment and each detail throughout our stay was thoughtfully curated with the best of luxury wellness in mind - and I couldn’t wait to take advantage of it all!

There are so many benefits to staying in a comfortable hotel that takes pride in taking care of you. As I travel so much for work, I am constantly figuring out new ways to take my own healthy hacks along with me and to seek out wellness in each trip. Belmond Charleston Place made it so easy & breezy to incorporate my own wellness rituals with the wellness rituals they provide throughout the stay.

Side tip: Some of my go-to wellness tips for traveling include Infinite CBD 25mg gummies (a life saver for in-flight anxiety and inflammation from air travel), remembering to keep hydrated, and to track down the best local superfood ingredients of your given destination...although Belmond Charleston Place made it easy in providing delicious & healthy dining options from the start!

Breakfast In Bed 

Breakfast is the perfect way to have a reflective, nourishing moment to start the day. When traveling, sometimes I feel so much pressure to go out and explore all the things and have the day fully mapped out, so breakfast becomes this sacred ritual to give myself a little ‘me time’.


And Belmond Charleston Place certainly didn’t disappoint. I arrived in Charleston on a red eye flight the prior night, and awoke the next morning to a dreamy breakfast plate delivered straight to my room - filled with all sorts of fresh fruits and delicious goodies. There were even fresh lox, which is always my favorite breakfast indulgence to kickstart the day with essential omegas to support good health (and great skin).

Another morning ritural I practiced throughout my stay at Charleston was to always ask for hot water with lemon instead of a glass of ice water. Lemon water is how I start each day at home as a way to wake up my system and digestion, so I loved that I could still make that a part of my morning routine during this wellness weekend. Most of the time I get a funny look when I ask for this but the staff at the Belmond didn’t even bat an eye!

I also like to add ½ a dropper of Lazarus Naturals wintermint CBD tincture to my morning cup of lemon water to ease into the day and create some clear focus for what’s next on the itinerary.

Private Yoga

To get my body moving and refocus my mindset for the day, I opted for an in-house private yoga class. This class was particularly amazing because of the setting alone. The class took place in front of a pool that was entirely sky lit.

It was a zen and very tranquil experience and I appreciated how the class was targeted to me and my unique needs. The instructor was very hands on, such as putting much needed pressure on my back during child’s pose. It was like yoga with a support system! And, of course, we spritzed our Hydrating Floral Essence throughout the practice for added aromatherapy and skin hydrating benefits. 


The Company 

At Home Spa At Home Spa

Our hotel suite was the perfect setting for a girls night in with face masks and wine. Of course, we brought along a jar of the Clarifying Mask because it’s the perfect product to start clear and reset skin for the New Year.

It’s important to remember that the pursuit of wellness isn’t an overnight occurence - it’s a journey.  Keeping a circle around you to inspire (and be inspired) by close friends is the perfect method of motivation to keep you and your loved ones pushing through the New Year together.

In this way, sharing the Belmond experience with the Tata Harper crew was added incentive to indulge in this beautiful commitment to green beauty and green living. It felt so effortless. 

The Spa 

The Spa at Belmond Charleston Place was attached to the pool and fitness center, so it gave a healthy vibe before you even stepped through the doors. Once inside the spa, my immediate reaction was a sense of relief and gratitude to see the Tata Harper green bottles lined so beautifully around the spa entrance and retail space. It’s wonderful to go to a spa and see products you are already familiar with and trust to be 100% natural.

I opted for the Tata Harper Nothing But Nature Facial, which was surely elevated from your standard facial. The esthetician began the facial with a few deep breaths of Tata’s aromatherapy oils. This was a beautiful reminder to me to relax and take it all in. The gentle, balancing aromas of each Tata Harper product adds a whole other element to the experience - making each application a mindful moment. The products just smell so good!!


Even though my facial was only meant to be for the face, my esthetician was amazing in that she made it an experience for the whole body. To begin the appointment, she placed a tiny heated stone in between each toe, which felt very restorative and healing. Next, the esthetician layered complimentary masks and stacked Tata Harper products targeted to my skin type.

After this facial…that red eye flight had nothing on me! My eyes looked rested and bright thanks to the Elixir Vitae eye mask and my skin tone was dewy and hydrated.

This was such a beautiful facial experience because it all felt very natural. From the elevated sense of smell, to the gorgeous products - my skin felt like it truly soaked in every minute and every drop of the experience.

All-In-One Ease

Another great aspect of Belmond Charleston Place is that it has all of the amenities you need (and more!) right at your fingertips. One of our days in Charleston it was so stormy out that we didn’t even step out of the hotel. Luckily, the Belmond Place feels like its own little world. On a rainy day, I was able to go get a blow out at the salon, go to a pilates class, dine at their incredible restaurant, AND go to the spa.

It was the perfect rainy day pick-me-up, and the blow out left me feeling fabulous!

The Nature 

Although it was rainy during so much of our Charleston getaway, the gentle patter of rain was particularly meditative and allowed for us to experience the lushness of nature in its raw form. In this way, the rain actually lent itself as a time of reflection - a true gift to welcome 2019!

We also took a day to explore Middleton Place - a historic landmark and artisanal Charleston destination. The tranquility of the gardens and grassy pastures filled with majestic Belgian horses were reason enough to visit and explore. Wandering the grounds of Middleton place, we felt intimately aware of the synergy between wellness and nature. Time worn oak trees lined the pathways while the gardens blossomed with the most beautiful azaleas. It was a beautiful reminder for the need to slow down and appreciate simplicity.

Middleton PlaceMiddleton Place

Being surrounded by this nature also reminded me of the green beauty and simplicity of Tata’s products, coming from the lush farmland of Vermont.

I carried my essential oils with me everywhere to indulge my senses and heighten this natural experience. 

Bonus: The wonderful concierge at Belmond Charleston Place even packed us a delicious picnic basket to take with us to enjoy on the Middleton grounds.

The Dining 

Dining Dining

I’m overly excited about this portion of the post, because there is nothing I love to do more than travel and explore local cuisine! At the Belmond Place, the dining experience felt very tied to the season. We, of course, tried our fair share of southern indulgences - and I must say the shrimp  and grits was divine!

From a simple breakfast in bed to a 4-course meal at the Charleston Grill with a private sommelier, there was a variety to indulge the senses in.We also named our official Charleston drink throughout our stay as the Hot Toddy. This was the perfect choice because a Hot Toddy is a medicinal drink and is both warming & comforting - it’s like saying, I’m here on vacation, but still here for wellness.

The Takeaway

‘The Art of Good Living’ is all encompassing at Belmond Charleston Place, it begins when you wake up and envelopes you in deep relaxation all the way through the last moments before drifting off to sleep. The time between stepping off my red eye and leaving Belmond was truly transformative - a much needed time to refocus, refresh, and re-prioritize wellness.

My essentials for the trip? From morning to night, the Energy Aromatic Treatment left me feeling ready to conquer all, while the Bedtime Aromatic Treatment allowed me to find my calm and reset for the days ahead. Of course, the Clarifying Mask was perfect for keeping my skin at bay during travel, and the Creme Riche was the most luxurious treat I could ask for when it comes to hydration. A new trick I learned on my trip, was to layer the Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil on top of the creme for a little-added glow.

There was so much thoughtfulness that went into this stay - the people were so friendly, there were healthy snacks all day, and the setting was absolutely stunning. It made for a place that felt so breezy…like I could totally let go of plans because it felt like the hotel itself made plans for you (including tea time). It was the perfect way to wave goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 with a refreshed outlook.

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