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The Best Gifts For Him

The Best Gifts For Him

It can be tough to find the right gift for the men in your life. So, in the spirit of making your holiday shopping a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of our best gift ideas for the guys. After all, men love a good skincare don't hold back on spoiling your beau (or your dad, brother, guy friends) with the gift of green. 

The Guy's Gift Guide: 

For Shaving Essentials 

Our Nourishing Oil Cleanser is multi-vitamin cleansing treatment filled with nutrient-dense oils and esters to give skin a complete antioxidant boost. Better yet, it can also be used as a shaving cream. Say goodbye to conventional (toxin filled) shaving creams and introduce your man to this miracle worker! He’ll have a silky smooth shave (and absolutely no razor burn or irritation) while feeding his skin with so many healthy vitamins & minerals. 

Want to complete the gift? Add in the Maapilim Safety Razor. This gorgeous rose-gold razor is made with brilliant double-edged blades. It’s light, durable, and the handle is ergonomically designed to make it easy to get a super close shave. 

For The Outdoor Enthusiast 

If he’s out on the slopes all day, make sure to keep his skin extra nourished and hydrated with the right products. Our Crème Riche is a dry weather staple and a Team Tata favorite among all the guys (and gals) in our office. Another option? Our Moisturizing Mask is an overnight intensive moisture treatment and is a great option to heal chapped or wind burned skin. 

To make your gift even greener, add in a pack of eco-friendly Beaver Wax. Ski and snowboard wax contains harmful chemicals that leave traces in the snow and endanger wildlife. This thoughtful gift is a great way to look good while doing good. 

  1. Nourishing Oil Cleanser
    Nourishing Oil Cleanser

    Vitamin E + A Antioxidant Makeup Remover

  1. Crème Riche
    Crème Riche

    Anti-Aging Peptide Night Cream

  1. Moisturizing Mask
    Moisturizing Mask

    Your Rich, Overnight Moisture Treatment

    You just missed it. A fresh batch is coming soon.

For Skincare Fundamentals 

Gifting a skincare newbie? Our suggestion is to keep it simple and start with a few key products (i.e., a good face cleanser and a good moisturizer). For a cleanser, the Regenerating Cleanser is an all time favorite among guys. The blend of clay, pomegranate enzymes, and apricot powder helps brighten and invigorate the complexion. 

For a moisturizer, the Clarifying Moisturizer is another go-to for guys because it’s so soothing and easy to apply. If your guy is prone to breakouts, this moisturizer will really help keep things clear! 

For the Workaholic 

This holiday season, treat your man to some extra self-care by introducing a new serum into their skincare routine. Our Rejuvenating Serum is a skin miracle worker with natural neuropeptides for early signs of aging. If he’s always on the go-go-go, this is an easy and simple way to take better care of skin - and counteract any signs of stress or fine lines. 

Need another gift idea to sit back and relax (preferably by a warm fireplace)? Add in a bottle of Whistlepig Whisky, harvested and bottled from our neighboring farm in Vermont. This FarmStock Rye blend is a limited edition make with an orange zest and full-bodied burst of spice. 

  1. Regenerating Cleanser
    Regenerating Cleanser - 125ML

    Daily BHA Exfoliator

  1. Clarifying Moisturizer
    Clarifying Moisturizer

    Blemish & Oil Control Moisturizer

  1. Rejuvenating Serum
    Rejuvenating Serum - 50ML

    Anti-Aging Neuropeptide Serum

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