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the class by taryn toomey: our experience

the class by taryn toomey: our experience

It was a gray morning in New York City and the streets were backed up with cabs as the rain fell. It didn’t matter, we were headed for our first Taryn Toomey class and we’d been waiting for this all week. 

Tata’s first intro to Taryn was though a friend and fellow female entrepreneur. While the fitness industry isn’t an easy place to carve out your own new niche, Taryn has been receiving accolades from all sides, and the studio was absolutely packed.

The idea of incorporating loud breathing and yelling into our fitness routine was a definite step outside the comfort zone. With each new song, the movement changed. From jumping jacks and burpees to squats and plank-holds, and back to high jumps, the challenge was to keep moving with form. The playlist was helpful: Taryn knows how to match a movement with a song that has just the right levels of motivation and forgiveness to keep the energy moving up and down. 

It’s not always easy to understand what she’s saying over the tunes, but overall we got the message that she wanted us to release our bullshit, stop worrying about things we can’t control, be nice to ourselves, and break through whatever walls were holding us back today. We can get behind that. We yelled in rhythm as we jumped to seemingly heave old energy out of our bodies. Given the goosebumps and electric energy that filled the space, it seemed to work. 

Taryn Toomey is not lying when she talks about moving, sweating, laughing, and crying. All at once. Through crescendos of movement and song, our emotions rose and fell with the pace of the class. At the end, covered in a satisfying layer of sweat, we knelt on the ground for the final few minutes of class. It ended with arm movements, breathing paired with instructions about mindfulness and self-care, eyes filled with tears, a heart full of love, and Tata Harper Aromatherapy. We couldn’t ask for a better start to our day. 

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