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The Glowing Skin Guide to Probiotics

The Glowing Skin Guide to Probiotics

With probiotics touted as both gut and skin miracles - we couldn’t wait to find out more! We reached out to our friends at The Nue Co. to get the inside scoop on all things pre & probiotics. Our findings? Yes - they are absolutely worth the buzz! 

Let’s recap: Think of your skin as a direct reflection of your inner health. When your microbiome is off balance, your skin will give you cues. That said, supporting your daily skincare regimen with a clean probiotic rich diet is an essential part of achieving your daily glow.

Read on for our Q+A with Jules Miller, Founder + CEO at the Nue Co., as well as our top Nue Co. picks for resetting our health (and skin!) goals this fall.

Q&A with Jules Miller, Founder + CEO at The Nue. Co: 

Q: Could you give us a little background on probiotics vs. prebiotics. Why do we need BOTH? 

A: Put simply, prebiotics feed the existing good bacteria in your gut. While probiotics are live bacteria delivered to your gut - they help to repopulate and rebalance your microbiome. The benefits of prebiotics and probiotics are vast. They lower obesity risk, support stress response, aid in a better digestion, energy levels and overall skin concerns.

Q:  Why do you recommend everyone take probiotic supplements? What makes the Nue Co. a truly stand out product? 

A: The most common misconception about gut health is that it only impacts your digestion. In fact, a huge portion of your immune system lives in your GI tract. Your gut also produces over 90% of the body’s serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood, appetite, sleep, memory and sexual desire.

Gut health, is actually just general health, which is why we believe everyone should take a pre+probiotic. Think of it as your daily multivitamin.

We were particularly interested in developing the most convenient and effective prebiotic + probiotic formula for those suffering with IBS and that didn’t require refrigeration. Our prebiotic + probiotic is formulated with Lactospore (Bacillus coagulans) which is an SBO (Soil Based Organism) made from spores. They are more robust and only activate upon contact with stomach acid which allows them to survive digestion so that you get the full dosage. We have paired our probiotic with a prebiotic derived from chicory. 

Research suggests that taking a prebiotic and probiotic combined create a mutually beneficial ‘synbiotic’ relationship that, paired with a diet high in soluble and insoluble fiber, helps probiotics to populate and flourish in the gut. For those interested in gut maintenance, you only need to take 1 capsule daily.


Q: Alternatively, what are some of your favorite dietary sources of pre/probiotics? 

A: Probiotics are readily available in fermented products such as sauerkraut and kefir. Prebiotics are a specialized plant fiber that acts as fertilizer for probiotics. Prebiotics are naturally occurring in foods like chicory root, jerusalem artichoke, dandelion greens, garlic, leeks, onion, bananas and asparagus.

Q: What are the important strains to look for on labels. 

A: Understand that there are thousands of probiotics on the market all with varying potency and ingredients. Many of the commercially available probiotics on the market include live strains that do not survive the gastric environment (ie. they don’t have the longest shelf life). The strain used in our probiotic forms spores which are activated upon contact with the acid in the stomach to ensure that they do their job without being compromised by the environment in the gut. 

Q: We hear all about how probiotics can help give your skin a boosted glow. Can you tell me a little more about other skin benefits? Can probiotics be used for anti-aging?  

A: We should think of our skin as the mirror to our gut. Skin issues like psoriasis, eczema and acne can indicate that there is an imbalance. First take a look at your diet, and from there try adding a probiotic to your routine to help aid in rebalancing your gut microbiome. 

This isn’t a quick fix as your gut is as unique as a fingerprint so what works for one person, might not work for another. The small changes you begin to make to your routine will aid in overall skin and gut alignment. It’s best to stick to a consistent routine for at least two months to monitor results. Keep a record of your daily routine as a way to track any changes and note your overall progress.


Our Top Nue Co. Picks for Fall  

For Glowing Skin: Good health starts in the gut. Taking the three-stage Gut Health supplement series fixes problems at the root. As good bacteria in the microbiome is closely linked to radiant skin, this trio will boost your daily glow as well as help your skin age more gracefully with time. 

For an Immune Boost: An immunity boosting tincture, the Defense Drops are your go-to supplement as we enter cold + flu season. Each drop contains potent anti-bacterial benefits, such as mistletoe and echinacea, to fight sickness without any harmful side-effects.  

For Overall Wellness: As seasons change and the days get darker earlier, it may be hard to maintain your normal energy levels. Using the Power Up supplement will help deliver an instant kick to get your days started, minus the jitters normally associated with caffeine! 

For Holiday Prep: As we head into the holiday season, try the Debloat Food + Prebiotic supplement to give your digestion a boost and help reset your health goals. This is your savior for post holiday cocktails! 

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