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The Perfect Summer Packables: Get Ready To Glow and Getaway

The Perfect Summer Packables: Get Ready To Glow and Getaway

To kick off our Perfect Summer Series, we're talking about all the best ways to glow and getaway! 

With warm weather (finally) here and busy work weeks showing no sign of slowing down, the idea of a summer getaway can serve as the ultimate pick-me-up. Whether you’re someone who prefers a road trip to Joshua Tree, a weekend in the hustle and bustle of New York City, or somewhere in between, the products you pack are almost as important as the company you’ll keep.

When our environment changes, so does our skin. So, why not switch up your routine too? No matter your destination, we have the perfect group of products that will help your skin adjust along the way:

Desert Roadtrip

Hot and humid climates can leave skin feeling dirty and dried out. To fight impurities and keep skin looking polished, use our Regenerating Cleanser as a gentle exfoliating treatment to thoroughly cleanse and improve glow while purifying and minimizing the appearance of pores. To keep skin nourished in the summer heat, our new ultra-lightweight Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer has been engineered with Gel Water Technology, powered by Chia Seed Water, Marsh Samphire, and Tremella Mushroom to replenish and restore moisturize in the skin while never leaving a greasy feel. This pairs perfectly with our Resurfacing Serum for our glowiest and lightest regimen to take on the road. 

  1. Regenerating Cleanser
    Regenerating Cleanser - 125ML

    Daily BHA Exfoliator

  1. Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer
    Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer

    Your Weightless Gel Water Moisturizer

  1. Resurfacing Serum
    Resurfacing Serum

    Brightening Vitamin C + AHA/BHA Serum


Red-Eye Through The Sky

Travel days at the airport can bring real dryness to the skin. To soothe and hydrate during a long layover or even on the plane (masking while flying is always encouraged) use our Hydrating Floral Essence and Hydrating Floral Mask to boost the skin’s natural hydration balance with bioidentical Hyaluronic Acid, because the more hydration - the better! One of our favorite ways to apply this duo is to use Hydrating Floral Essence to remove the mask instead of water. After leaving the mask on for 20 minutes, mist the essence all over your face and neck and gently massage, then lightly tissue off any excess product. Still need an extra boost? Apply a few drops of Beautifying Face Oil to lock in moisture and give a brighter and firmer appearance. 

  1. Hydrating Floral Essence
    Hydrating Floral Essence - 125 ML

    Hyaluronic Acid Face Mist

    You just missed it. A fresh batch is coming soon.
  1. Hydrating Floral Mask
    Hydrating Floral Mask

    Multi-Hyaluronic Acid Redness Reducing Mask

  1. Beautifying Face Oil
    Beautifying Face Oil

    Vitamin C + E Antioxidant Face Oil


Weekend In The City

Between city pollutants and the traveling it takes to get there - sometimes the lifestyles we love can take a serious toll on our skin. Pollution from car emissions, construction sites, smoke, and other sources can penetrate deep down into our pores and cause signs of hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity. To fight back, our Purifying Mask and Purifying Cleanser are formulated to combat pollution by detoxing the pores of impurities for fresh and balanced skin. To boost hydration and correct tone, the Concentrated Brightening Essence is packed with 24 high-performing ingredients to illuminate and correct while delivering a bright and even looking glow. 

  1. Purifying Cleanser
    Purifying Cleanser

    Pore Detox Cleanser

  1. Purifying Label
    Purifying Mask

    Pore & Blackhead Detox Mask


Beach Getaway

Tata's go-to post-beach routine is exactly what you need after a day in the sun with friends or family. First, start with a few spritzes of Hydrating Floral Essence to plump and soothe skin. Next, Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil’s blend of Rosehip Seed Oil, Olive Oil, and Jojoba Oil absorbs easily and helps to deeply hydrate and calm the skin, while Linden soothes irritated and hypersensitive skin. “This product is a lifesaver after an unforgiving day in the sun,” says Will, Client Relationship and Education Associate. Last, Be True, our sheer hydrating and volumizing treatment, is a slice of heaven for beach-chapped lips.

  1. Hydrating Floral Essence
    Hydrating Floral Essence - 125 ML

    Hyaluronic Acid Face Mist

    You just missed it. A fresh batch is coming soon.
  1. Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil
    Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil - 30ML

    Vitamin A Natural Retinol Face Oil

  1. Be True
    Be True

    Anti-Aging Neuropeptide Lip Treatment


Still Can't Decide? 

Conact our Skincare Concierge team to ask any questions your may have about finding the right travel regimen for your next summer getaway! 

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