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The Perfect Summer Workout: Reboot Your Skin With Acids

 The Perfect Summer Workout: Reboot Your Skin With Acids

Next up in our Perfect Summer Series we're talking all about our favorite summer workout (for your skin, of course!)

So, what's our secret to glowing summer skin? And we're not just talking any old glow...we're talking a supermodel glow, no makeup, straight from the beach kinda look. The answer: acids! It's time for you to up your skincare routine with alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids. 

And you're in luck because our products are packed with natural AHA/BHAs that give your skin the ultimate workout. Let us explain...

All About Acids 

Alpha Hydroxy acids and Beta Hydroxy acids, often shortened to just AHA/BHA, are an essential addition to your regime for glowing skin! AHA/BHAs slough away dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin dulling your complexion. What you’re left with is new, bright, radiant, skin!

Let's Break It Down...

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids: 

  • These include glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids. They can be natural or synthetic, but at Tata Harper Skincare we always choose natural options. Many of ours are derived from organic sugars. AHAs cause exfoliation and retexturizing of the surface skin. They work by dissolving dead skin cells to resurface and reveal a more radiant complexion. 

Beta Hydroxy Acid:

  • There is only one BHA, salicylic acid. It is oil-soluble, meaning it penetrates deep into the pores to clean out excess sebum and reduce oiliness. This helps to shrink the look of pores, banish blackheads, and fight acne! There are synthetic and natural versions, but our organic willow bark with naturally occurring BHA has found its way into many of our products.

Step 1: Buff Skin 

For your daily dose of BHA, start your skin workout routine with our best-selling Regenerating Cleanser.

This creamy cleanser is going to buff and polish your skin. It provides gentle physical and enzymatic exfoliation with apricot microspheres and BHA from white willow bark to transform dull skin into a healthy, radiant glow. 

  1. Regenerating Cleanser
    Regenerating Cleanser - 125ML

    Daily BHA Exfoliator


Step 2: Exfoliate Skin 

  1. Clarifying Mask
    Clarifying Mask

    Salicylic Acid + Lactic Acid Blemish Mask


For the ultimate glow solution, we recommend using our Clarifying Mask next up in your skin routine.

This weekly complexion perfecting treatment resores clarity with AHA superfruits and exfoliating quartz and sand crystals. This is our most concentrated alpha and beta hydroxy acid treatment that evens out texture and tone for clear, balanced, soothed skin. 

Step 3: Brighten Skin 

Need to double up on your dose? Our Resurfacing Serum is your holy grail for a serious supermodel glow.

With natural BHA from willow bark, and a super-fruit blend with 5 different types of AHA this is your ultimate daily dose of glow. As if that wasn’t enough; our Resurfacing Serum is also packed with antioxidants and brightening ingredients such as kakadu plum with naturally occuring vitamin C.  

  1. Resurfacing Serum
    Resurfacing Serum

    Brightening Vitamin C + AHA/BHA Serum


The Result: Glowing Skin All Summer Long

So now you know, AHA/BHAs are your one-way ticket to going makeup free all summer long. Just remember that these acids increase your sensitivity to the sun, so it is even more important to wear your clean SPF every day!! Rock that summer beach glow with confidence, but don’t forget your sun protection!

Let's Get Moving

We all know that a great workout can have a positive impact on how you look and feel — but did you know it’s great for your skin, too?

That’s why we turned to Amanda Kloots, founder of AK! Fitness — one of our favorite workout classes in NYC, to get the inside scoop on how a great workout can impact your skin from the inside out. A former Broadway dancer and Radio City Rockette, turned celebrity trainer and soon-to-be mom, Amanda knows the importance of looking and feeling your best every single day.


Q&A with Amanda Kloots

Tell us about AK! Fitness:  

I started AK! Fitness three years ago with one idea and one class — AK! Rope. It’s now turned into a fitness company — consisting of four different classes, numerous online workouts, and products to help you on your fitness journey! I strive to encourage women in a positive light, showing that exercise should be tough but fun!

Can a great workout have a positive impact on your skin?

In my opinion, my skin and my body never look better than right after a really great workout!! Oxygen is flowing through my body, my blood is pumping, my skin is slightly flushed (aka natural blush!), and my muscles look tight and toned.  When you get a great sweat on, it detoxifies your body, releasing all the toxins you’ve built up. And, the water you drink while working out rehydrates your system — your skin especially!

Describe your perfect summer workout:

My favorite outdoor summer workout is the jump rope! You can bring a rope anywhere with you — I even jumped on my African Safari honeymoon! You can take it in any purse, backpack or suitcase. The AK! Rope I developed comes in its own carry bag as well to make jumping rope a no excuses exercise. Did you know ten minutes of jumping rope burns 150 calories? It’s a must!

AK's Summer Jump Rope Workout

10 steps, 20 minutes, and perfect for summer!

1.  Jump rope for 5 minutes. (It’s ok if you stumble and are not continuous, just keep going)

2.  Hold a plank for 1 min.

3.  Jump rope for 4 more minutes.

4. Mountain climbers for 30 seconds.

5. Jump rope for 3 more minutes.

6. Hold a second plank for 1 min.

7. Jump rope for 2 more minutes.

8. Mountain climbers again for 30 seconds.

9. Jump rope for 1 more minute.

10. Finally, hold plank for 30 seconds then jump right into mountain climbers for 30 seconds.


Bring On The Glow 

Discover a fresh, even, luminous complexion with a collection designed to unveil your natural glow. Shop here for products that will leave you shining bright all summer.  

Still Have Questions? 

Contact our Skincare Concierge team to ask any questions your may have about finding the perfect skincare workout routine custom fit to you! 

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