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Q&A With Tracey Medeiros

Q&A With Tracey Medeiros
Beauty isn’t skin deep, it starts in the gut. 

Since clean eating and natural beauty go hand in hand we decided to sit down with Tracey Medeiros, author of our new favorite The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook, to discuss the importance of eating clean and being green.

Q. What drew you to Vermont and inspired you to write this cookbook?

A. My husband’s airline job transported our family to Vermont.  While writing my newspaper column and my second cookbook, The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook, I became more and more aware of, and interested in, the workings of the non-GMO movement.  I kept hearing the term non-GMO and speaking with folks who leaned in that direction. As time went on, and this movement became stronger, I found that more and more farmers, chefs, food producers, and consumers were following the non-GMO philosophy.  As a result, I started using more organic and non-GMO ingredients and this soon became my way of life.

Q. Do you have any tips for those who want to avoid GMOs but don't want to break the budget?

A. I recommend starting your own organic garden and freezing and pickling the surplus.  If this is not possible, joining a community garden and shopping for sales are two other viable options which help to cut down on costs.

Q. Your husband works for an airline company – do you have any recommendations for eating non-GMO foods while traveling/on the go?

A. I would recommend packing your own snacks when traveling/on the go.  Food items that I find travel well are organic tea bags (just ask for a cup of hot water during beverage service), organic dried fruits, nuts and seeds, organic crackers, individual packets of almond butter, organic protein powder, organic dark chocolate, veggie slices, hummus, hard boiled organic eggs (peeled beforehand) and Himalayan sea salt.  If your flight/airline offers a meal, call ahead to see if they have any vegan meal options.

If you don’t have a lot of luggage space you can create a care package of non-perishable organic and non-GMO food items and have them shipped to your destination.  You can also order meals from an organic and non-GMO meal delivery service and have the meals shipped to where you are staying – just make sure your hotel room has a mini refrigerator.

Q. Did your grow up supporting sustainable food sources, or was it something that struck a chord later in life?

A. I have always loved everything that is food related, even as a child I liked to cook.  My dream was to one day study the art of food and its preparation. To this end, I enrolled in the culinary program at Johnson and Wales University where, after graduation, I quickly became interested in the sustainability movement.  

Q. If you could only eat one of your recipes for the rest of your life - which would it be?

A. I would have to say the Grilled Bread Salad with Broccoli Rabe, Cherry Tomatoes, and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese, this recipe is found on page 97 in The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook.  This salad is delicious, nutritious and versatile.  On occasion, I sometimes like to use nutritional yeast in place of the Parmigiano-Reggiano.  The yeast has a cheesy, nutty flavor and can be used in the same fashion as grated cheese. For a variation, this salad is the perfect way to use up leftover grilled chicken, grass-fed beef, and day-old bread - making it a great dish for cutting down on food waste.  

Want to try Tracey's Grilled Bread Salad? Check out her recipe here!
grilled bread salad

Tracey Medeiros is the author of The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook , The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook , and Dishing Up Vermont . She writes The Farmhouse Kitchen: A Guide to Eating Local column for Edible Green Mountains magazine and is also a freelance food writer, food stylist, and recipe developer and tester. She is often seen on various television cooking segments preparing one of her favorite recipes while sharing helpful culinary tips with the viewing audience. Tracey travels regionally as a guest speaker and cooking instructor, emphasizing her commitment to the sustainable food movement by using locally produced fresh ingredients to create dishes that are healthy and delicious.

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