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Understanding Dehydrated Skin: Water-lock Moisturizer

Understanding Dehydrated Skin: Water-lock Moisturizer

Do you wake up in the morning and immediately notice how prominent your dark circles are? Wrinkles and fine lines? Redness, inflammation, or congestion? What about feeling tight or looking dull? If any of these skin symptoms sound like they’re yours… that’s a good sign your skin could be dehydrated! 

Don’t panic– it happens to the best of us. Travel, stress, the weather, or even your caffeine intake can take a toll on your skin’s hydration levels. Luckily, while dryness is a skin condition, dehydrated skin is totally fixable! Dehydrated skin lacks water content and the best way to replenish that? A supercharged moisturizer with water-locking technology… duh.

Water: the biggest beauty secret

Every model or celebrity will tell you drinking lots of water is their biggest beauty secret. This Hollywood mantra is repeated so often it’s become common knowledge. But did you know that your skin’s water content is the key to smooth skin?

Unfortunately, the top layer of skin is also the most dehydrated. Water content is 15% to 30% on the top layer of the skin, versus 60% to 70% in the lower layers. Additionally, your top layer of the skin is the most susceptible to environmental factors that lead to the depletion of water content (A.K.A. dehydration). 

Tata Harper Spa
Tata Harper Waterlock

It’s important to properly rehydrate and replenish your skin’s water content for a smooth and supple appearance. Dehydrated skin looks unhealthy and dull– while also weakening your skin functioning and barrier!

Hydration supports the skin peeling and regeneration processes along with a healthy skin barrier. Keeping your skin hydrated is directly correlated to looking healthy and glowy! Yes please!

Introducing Our New Waterlock Moisturizer

Our new Water-Lock moisturizer uses a tri-action hydration system that specifically works where you need it most: the top layers of the skin. Let’s look at some of the high-performing ingredients.

Pomegranate Spheres & Macro Hyaluronic Acid: Both hygroscopic molecules that absorb water to pull into the skin.

Sugar Carbohydrates: Create a moisture reservoir by binding water in the skin. 

Orange Peptides: Optimize the skin barrier to boost the skin’s water retention ability and help hold water on the top layers of the skin. 

Tata Harper Ingredients

So the next time you’ve got a busy week, long flight, or maybe over-did the coffee– smooth this water-locking formula all over your face, and get back to it! If the scent alone doesn’t lower your stress levels (Sweet Orange…*loving sigh*), knowing your skin’s moisture content is on the rebound should help you relax. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!

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