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what is greenwashing and why should you care?

what is greenwashing and why should you care?

If you are a sucker for a green leafy, flowery label on a beauty product claiming to be “natural”, “organic” or “botanical,” you’ve probably been a victim of Greenwashing – a manipulative practice in which companies mislead their customers into thinking they are “green” when in fact they are not. “Green” in this case can mean they aren’t using use chemical or synthetic ingredients, their ingredients or packaging are environmentally friendly, they stick to environmentally sustainable business practices, their products are certified organic, etc.

Unfortunately greenwashing is common in the beauty industry with companies using convincing packaging and labeling on their products to make us feel we’re supporting eco-friendly practices, or that these products are better for us than their conventional synthetic alternatives. They’re assuming we aren’t going to turn the bottle around and read the label, and perhaps even go the extra step to look up the ingredients listed and that we may discover that these so-called “green” products aren’t friendly to your body or the environment at all.

Tata explains some of the beauty industry’s most common greenwashing habits and her opinions about it (should the government be involved to protect consumers?)  in her next EPIPHANY interview from Plus she discusses how far natural technology has come since she began developing the line 5 years ago, especially in the realm of natural anti-aging science.

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