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What's Winter Skin All About?

What's Winter Skin All About?

Once the winter season hits, you can always bet on dry skin to arrive with it. All of sudden your skin starts to feel dehydrated, dry, itchy, irritated and to your dismay, your regular skincare routine just isn’t cutting it anymore. So what is it about the winter season that makes our skin so dry?

During the winter season, the air’s humidity level drops leaving your skin with less moisture in the air to depend on. Cold and blustery winds can also aggravate your skin and make it feel more dry, irritated, and cause redness. Even more, when you’re trying to escape the cold by blasting the heater, that’s sure to draw additional moisture out of the air and dehydrate your skin faster. Therefore in order to satisfy your skin’s craving for moisture during the drier season, you’ll want to replace your current routine with one that’s filled with products that are richer, more concentrated, and longer-lasting — plus, some hydrating extras to touch up your healthy, nourished skin.

Discover our go-to routines and pocket essentials that Tata and our team always reach for during the winter to equip our skin with all the comforting moisture it’ll ever need.

Mega Moisture Routines


Ultimate Hydration Routine

To indulge your skin in maximum moisture, this 6-piece routine is filled with all the necessary essentials to soothe your red, dry, itchy, and flaky skin.

Complete with our multivitamin oil cleanser, most thirst-quenching mask, floral liquid hydrator, do-it-all plumping serum, richest night cream, and superfood face oil, it works to recharge your skin with all the nourishment your dehydrated winter skin is craving. So if your skin’s feeling like it needs to be drenched in long-lasting moisture, this routine will be the one to restore your most soft, smooth, and supple complexion.

24/7 Glow Routine

Dehydrated skin looking extra dull and drab during the wintertime? We designed this glow-boosting, 6-piece routine to instantly renew your most radiant, smooth, and healthy appearance.

Together, this powerful combination of exfoliators and hydrating treatments work to refine pores, retexturize, and highlight your best features to transform even your most winter-worn skin into a comfortably soft, dewy, and lit-from-within complexion.

Tata's Favorite Hydrating Extras

Be True Lip Treatment

To rescue your dry, chapped winter lips, this clear, glossy lip treatment delivers intense nourishment to mend your dehydrated pout. Powered with a Neuropeptide Activating Technology from Spanish Lavender, this lip balm will work to smooth and dramatically diminish the look of wrinkles and plump to reveal fuller lips that look supremely soft and healthy. 


Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil

This superfood face oil delivers a world of multi-purpose benefits powered by 18 oils like Rosehip Seed Oil providing a cell-regenerating retinoic-like activity, softening Neroli Oil, and our nutrient-rich, 5-oil Farm Beauty Complex. It’s the ultimate blend that’ll feed your skin with youth-boosting Antioxidants, Vitamins, Omega Fatty Acids, and Minerals for optimal barrier health. It’s also a major multitasker for Tata and our team for its never-ending uses like moisturizing dry, cracked cuticles, soothing irritation, burns, hydrating dry patches around the nose, and even taming flyaways

By incorporating these nourishing essentials into your daily winter routine, you can expect your skin to transform from dry, dull, and irritated, to supple, nourished, and radiant to enjoy all through the winter season.