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why do hydroxy acids make you look fresher?

why do hydroxy acids make you look fresher?

We get so many questions about Hydroxy Acids in our products that we chatted with our scientists to bring you the details on Alpha, Poly, and Beta Hydroxy Acids.

Hydroxy acids are chemical exfoliants that essentially remove dead skin cells on the surface, allowing light to better reflect off the skin and improve skin-cell-turnover. Our sources of Hydroxy Acid are always 100% natural, never synthetically manufactured.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are the best hydroxy acid for the signs of aging as they focus their effects on the skin's surface. In addition to exfoliation, AHAs stimulate collagen to increase firmness and elasticity, increase glycosaminoglycans for thicker, more supple skin, and regulate keratinization to maintain skin hydration and thickness.

Whew. That sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Sign us up.

Poly-Hydroxy Acids are a type of AHA that penetrate in a slower and more gradual manner without irritation or stinging, and are a great option for natural chemical exfoliation of sensitive or dry skin. PHAs support the matrix around collagen, help restore skin barrier function, protect against collagen degradation, and lock in moisture.

From adding it to our smoothies to getting enough sleep, we're always looking for ways to support collagen, right?

Like AHAs, Beta Hydroxy Acid (salicylic acid) also acts as an exfoliant to increase shedding of dead skin cells. BHA is oil soluble so that it can penetrate oily pores and exfoliate the pore itself, making it extremely useful for helping to manage conditions that involve blocked or clogged pores.

We're here for anything that helps to manage clogged pores.

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